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CII Theme 2017-18
India Together: Inclusive. Ahead. Responsible.

Indian industry is deeply ingrained within the national endeavor of building an inclusive India. Contributing in huge measure to GDP, employment, infrastructure creation, healthcare, education, investments, exports, and cultural development, among others, Industry is the solution to India’s challenges.

Industry’s role in all dimensions of the country cannot be overstated. A strong, vibrant industry will attract and leverage the world to power India’s development. Today, India is among top global destinations for investments and a large and growing market of 600 million consumers. The Confederation of Indian Industry believes that Indian industry’s partnership with Society and Governments in addressing national development challenges under the theme of ‘India Together: Indian Industry Inclusive, Ahead and Responsible' for 2017-18 is our way forward.

The three dimensions of ‘India Together' are identified as Inclusiveness, India Ahead and Responsible Industry. CII would focus on these areas with sub-themes during the year.

Inclusive India: The top agendas for an Inclusive India include 1) job creation, 2) skill development and training, 3) affirmative action, and 4) women parity.

About 10-12 million jobs must be generated each year for new entrants to the workforce. These workers should be adequately equipped to contribute their best potential in terms of education, training and skill development. It is equally critical to particularly target underprivileged sections of society through affirmative action agendas. The full participation of women in the labour force could increase India’s GDP by $2.9 trillion by 2025, according to analysts.

CII’s ongoing campaigns in job creation, skill development, affirmative action and gender parity would be enhanced with new initiatives and action plans.

India Ahead: As much of the world turns inwards, India presents the 'White Space' of opportunities. A marketplace of an estimated $3.6 trillion by 2020 will spark an era of unprecedented growth, if managed and executed correctly. New cities and infrastructure will be a trillion-dollar opportunity in designing, building and operating.

Accelerated global and technological disruption necessitate new models for development. From financial inclusion to mobile telephony to e-commerce anchored by Aadhar, new business, start-ups and innovation will abound.

Industry faces the imperatives of increasing competitiveness, expanding its global engagement, contributing to wealth creation and driving innovation. The possibilities of a triple contribution from Manufacturing (Make in India), Services (Served from India) and Agriculture (farm to fork productivity) can push GDP growth rate by over 1 percentage point. A smooth GST transition is on the radar and could propel GDP by another 1 percentage point.

CII is a leader in building industry competitiveness through its business development services and centers of excellence. Its strong interaction with overseas governments, industry and academia will help build global footprint of Indian industry. CII would also take forward innovation and technological capabilities of industry for growing intellectual and financial wealth of the nation.

Responsible Industry: Industry’s partnership with society requires gaining its trust and building credibility. There is a renewed resolve in Industry today that ensures that the balance sheet addresses Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance and Transparency. These are the CII sub-themes.

Through CII’s centers of excellence, policy advocacy, and partnerships between civil society and CII Foundation, the action on sustainability and CSR will be intensified. National and corporate governance and transparency in line with global standards can build Indian industry’s competitiveness.

CII, engaged in the country’s industrial and economic development since 1895, would continue to work with the Central and with state governments, industry, and other stakeholders to shape the dimensions of India Together in 2017-18 under these heads.