Foodpro 2017

As may be aware, India continued to be one of the top producers in number of food grains, fruits, dairy products, poultry and meat products. At the same time, we lag behind the most of the developed countries and also some of the developing southeast Asian countries in terms of processing and value addition. This is resulting in lower returns on investments, very high wastage (up to 28% in some cases) and lower shelf life.

Understanding the need, CII has launched a exclusive show, Foodpro, in 1995, to bring the focus on all the above factors and over the years, Foodpro has grown in to a technology exhibition for food processing industry.

Foodpro 2017 is the platform to interface between the food technology sector and the food industry. It will be an ideal place to do so, because its cross-over concept covers everything from manufacturing and processing of foods, to packaging, storage and retailing with a process orientation and cross-sector approach, which will be reflected in the products exhibited and the concurrent shows in Cold Storage and Traditional Foods.

New Concurrent Shows

Cold storage

In last few years, looking at the wastage of food and with the support of government, there has been considerable increase in Cold Chain activity. There was considerable gap in in terms of refrigerated vehicles in cold chain. However, with active interest by major players in commercial vehicle segments, this gap is getting filled up. CII, understanding the importance of cold chain, is already working with Govt of India. Foodpro2017 will have an exclusive pavilion to showcase the Cold Storage and Cold Transportation Facilities. As 90% of the cold chains are used for food and related products, Foodpro will be an apt platform for concurrent event, Cold storage.

Traditional Food

India is home to diverse food products due to varied climatic and soil conditions. Each region had its own traditional foods which were healthy, wholesome and suitable for local climatic conditions. However, we lost these traditional foods to other food due to various conditions. CII, towards its efforts to build the healthier society and also to support the farming society, has decided to encourage use of the traditional food and once such initiative is Millet Mission launched to popularize these traditional and healthy foods. Foodpro2017 will showcase the variety of these traditional foods, way of cooking various recipes and also demonstration of millet and other traditional food processing technologies. This festival will showcase the variety of traditional foods, recipes and also the processing technology / machinery developed by various research institutes.