Conference on Emerging Technologies in Food Processing Sector

DAY 1 : 23 August 2019

The food industry in India comprises the food-producing and processing industries. The food processing industry is one of the largest in India - it is ranked fifth in terms of production, consumption, export and expected growth. The food processing industry is of enormous significance for India's development, as it has efficiently and effectively linked the nation's economy, industry and agriculture. The linking of these three pillars has synergized the development process and promoted the growth of the nation to a great extent.

The one day conference would discuss about the present status of the food processing industry in India and identify the challenges in the sector as well as the future prospects. The proposed session will provide a perspective on the food industry in India - the opportunity factor, technology & emerging trends. The conference would highlight the steps being undertaken to alleviate technology, processing and R&D functionalities in different areas within the agro food processing industry.


  • CEO's Session on Future of Food Processing Industry
  • Recent Advances in Food Processing Technologies
  • Frozen Foods
  • Food Safety & Consumer Awareness

  1.   Agenda of the Day

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